On in Australia from 9 January (starting in Perth), Belinda Davids will be appearing in The Greatest Love of All – The Whitney Houston Story. Davids is amazing as she belts out all of Whitney’s classic hits, she took the time to have a chat before the show gets under way here.


Joy – Apart from Whitney, who are other soul divas that you love?

Belinda - There are so many! Aretha Franklin was absolutely amazing though.


Joy - How daunting was it taking on the role of Whitney in the show?

Belinda  - For me, it was a huge responsibility. Whitney is my idol and I wanted to do her justice – hopefully I have!


Joy – Have you been to Australia before?

Belinda – This will be my second time in Australia. The first time was in 2015 where it was quite emotional for me because the last time Whitney was in Australia she was booed off stage. My main goal was to try and restore her name – hopefully I did!


Joy -What do you hope to see while you’re in Australia, in your down time?

Belinda – I’d love to dip my toes into the ocean! Other than that I’d love to be as touristy as I can be and explore all the attractions.


Joy – The show looks and sounds incredible, do you have any favourite songs or moments that you can share?

Belinda – This year in Ireland, everyone in the crowd was on their feet singing along with me word for word to Saving All My Love For You… This was truly one memory I will cherish forever… The atmosphere was so emotional and loving.


Joy – What is next for you, after ‘The Greatest Love of All’ winds up?

Belinda – I definitely want to create my own music.


Thanks to Belinda for taking the time to talk singing Whitney’s greats, we are looking forward to the show, The Greatest Love of All – The Whitney Houston Story is on in Sydney 2 February, for more information and tickets see: http://www.thewhitneyhoustonshow.com/rr_events/sydney/  


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