Dancer and choreographer Shaun Parker is touring in his satirical Blue Love – a high energy dance comedy from next week, this week he chats to thebuzzfromsydney about family, dance and Nicole Kidman.


Joy – From next week your touring schedule for the next 8 weeks or so looks hectic!

Shaun – yes it is we have a performance in Penrith and then the special Sydney once only performance at the Seymour Centre and the Gold Coast and Newcastle and also down in Victoria.


Joy – How do you stay sane on the road or do you?

Shaun – I quite enjoy it, I do love it, the hardest thing is I have an eleven year old daughter so sometimes she comes on sections of the tour – if it fits into a weekend or school holidays she’ll come and join me and that’s the hardest thing – thank goodness for Skype! But Australia is incredible I love getting on an a highway and driving between a city or a town.


Joy – Has your daughter shown any interest in dancing?

Shaun – Yeah, she dances herself she’s fantastic – she loves dancing and she also loves drama  and she locks herself in her room and writes for hours – it’s amazing, she writes quite epic novels.


Joy  - wow that is amazing. Your list of past projects is so impressive, it’s like you’ve had three lifetimes, what is your dream project to work on?

Shaun – Well I would love to direct a music video for Sia. I love her and I’d love to choreograph her. I’d love to choreograph a feature film, like a big progressive musical theme like Moulin Rouge, and I would love to take my work to overseas – I’ve already done London but I’d love to take work to New York and Paris.


Joy – You danced in Moulin Rouge – did you meet Nicole Kidman?

Shaun – yeah, we danced with her and had to lift her and carry her in some of the massive can-can and ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ scenes. It was fantastic. She was very professional I loved her work – she is very focused and I’m very focused when I’m at work so I loved that, watching her. Also you can see why directors like her because she is very present in the process.


Joy – And what’s next for you, after Blue Love?

Shaun – I’ve got a dance education program which goes into primary schools and we just did three show today already out in Cabramatta – it’s an anti-bullying show with a live performance and interactive workshop afterwards. We just performed for 680 kids today.


Joy – Do the kids take it onboard, the message that you’re sending?

Shaun – I hope so, from all of the discussions we’ve had I’d say yes, but we’ve just completed a survey of about 1000 students, and they always say they’ve learned a lot of things which is wonderful but we’re almost at the 1000 mark where we do careful analysis in written form of how they responded to the show, but the response has been good so far.


Thanks to Shaun Parker for having a chat about the Blue Love tour and the great work he is doing in the community with the ant-bullying campaign. For more information on his tour, see:   


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