Continuing with an outstanding 2017 season, The Independent Theatre in North Sydney recently hosted a special Sydney performance of The Nexas Quartet’s ‘Composers in Exile’.

Performing in Sydney before a number of shows in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Composers in Exile features four saxophonists and a vocalist performing pieces written by victimized composers from Germany, Austria and the surrounding countries from the Weimar Era up until the Second World War. Interspersed between the performances, each member of the ensemble takes on the role as one of the composers (Weill, Eisler, Schrecker, Korngold and Stolz) and teaches the audience about the social background of the composer’s life and works.

While each performer is, of course, virtuosic on his respective instrument, giving each instrumentalist a chance to be the lead in their chosen composer’s song is a really nice addition to what would otherwise be just another great collection of pieces. The sharing of parts is an intelligent twist on the historical-cabaret genre. Renowned Opera performer, Peter Coleman-Wright, is exquisite to listen to as he easily glides between the different genres of the performance.

The show will return to Sydney, but not until November (check the website below for more details). In the meantime, we wish the ensemble all of the best as they take their show to Adelaide.


Further information on the quartet’s upcoming events, as well as purchases of their album Ballads of the Pleasant Life can be found at More information on the 2017 season at the Independent Theatre can be found at

Performers: Peter Coleman-Wright (Vocals, Piano), Michael Duke (Soprano Saxophone), Andrew Smith (Alto Saxophone), Nathan Henshaw (Tenor Saxophone) and Jay Byrnes (Baritone Saxophone).


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