The Guild Theatre Rockdale are currently presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Donna Randall playing Titania and Hippolyta. The show promises to be a fresh take one of the Bard’s most popular and enduring plays, Donna has chatted to me about all things Shakespeare plus her own opinion of the Shakespeare oeuvre.


Joy – Have you had much experience performing Shakespeare, or is this your first time?

Donna – I’m pretty much a Shakespeare virgin, this is my first full length play but I’ve watched a lot and loved his work for a long time.


Joy – Some women object to Shakespeare on the grounds of his misogynist writing, and attitudes towards women. What do you think?

Donna – The only part of me that objects to Shakespeare’s attitudes towards women is whatever character I’m playing. Shakespeare wrote his plays over 400 years ago and they reflect the traditions and values of the time. He has given us such a wonderful gift to see the world through his eyes at such a powerful and colourful period in history – and let’s not forget who was sitting on the throne!


Joy – For your next project, the sky is the limit, you can work with anyone, living or dead. Who is your dream director to work with?

Donna -Quentin Tarantino


Joy – Who is your favourite actor, living or dead?

Donna – Meryl Streep


Joy – What’s next for you?

Donna – I like to relax and clear my head after a show, I find the universe blows me in whatever direction I need to go. I’m starting mandarin lessons next week so who knows…


A Midsummer Night’s Dream is entering its last week, with special State of Origin prices for those who want to give the footy a miss! For the special price of $15 for Wednesday night’s show, call 9521 6358. For more information on the Guild Theatre, see:



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