Lady Tabouli, written by James Elazzi, will feature at the Riverside Theatre as a part of the Sydney Festival. He talks about Lady Tabouli, and his plans for next year:

JoyLady Tabouli is such a great title, what is the story behind this?

James – I was having a conversation with Antony Makhlouf, (who is playing Danny) after I had written the script. I just couldn’t work out a title and he just blurted out Tabouli, as I had metaphorically embedded the salad throughout the script. Then he continued Lady… Lady Tabouli. I loved it immediately and I went with that.

Joy – I love it! The Riverside is going to be a fairly different crowd from the Griffin/KXT audience, any trepidation?

James – Not at all. I think the community around the parramatta area and the city itself will resonate with the family I have written. I think it’s important to see yourself represented on the stage. It doesn’t matter where you reside, we all come from families and we all want to be loved. The play is essentially, about love and unconditional love.

Joy - Will you have any family at Parramatta for the show?

James - Yes, all my family will come and see the show. They are very excited to see what I have cooked up, so to speak.

Joy - Any new writing in the works for next year?

James - Yes, I have Son of Byblos coming up at Belvior 25, which is exciting.

Joy - Favourite Christmas song/carol?

James - Silent Night and Last Christmas by Wham! Both remind me of my childhood and both very fabulous!

Now that I can thanks James for putting me in the mood for George Michaels, make sure you don’t miss out on Lady Tabouli, from 9 Jan to 18 Jan! 

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