Joy – I am looking forward to the show, love (and or lust) at the mortuary is not a common theme, what inspired you to use such a dead place as the setting?

Lincoln - I’m very interested in the idea of taboo. What makes and defines our boundaries can be so arbitrary. The mortuary is a representation of that “inbetween” place, between life and death. It really represents the grey area that I’m trying to explore.


Joy – Your collaborations with JackRabbit Productions are consistently hilarious – do you write with their sensibilities in mind, or are the collaborations just a happy coincidence? 

Lincoln – Luckily our sense of humour aligns really well! I don’t write with them in mind, but I guess we just have the same idea of what is funny.


Joy – Do you prefer working in theatre or TV? Why this preference? 

Lincoln - There’s a stock answer I often give to this question which is “whatever pays”, but honestly I have no idea. I guess I prefer whatever I’m doing at the time. At the moment I’m back in love with the theatre, it’s vulnerable and terrifying, and that’s nice.


Joy – Where do you see yourself, career-wise, or what do you hope to achieve 10 years from now?

Lincoln – I’d love to be able to do pretty much exactly what I’m doing, maybe at a slightly larger scale and then eventually be able to buy a small house and have a large dog.


Joy – What is next for you in 2019? 

Lincoln – Well I have a few things locked in for later in the year that I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about yet and then I’m taking a little break to recalibrate, I’m having a holiday in Vancouver! My first overseas trip in years, it’s a long time coming.

A big thank-you to Lincoln and the team behind Necrophilia – on at Limelight on Oxford until 1 June, for tickets see:

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