Joy – What led you to the Hills Shire as your destination for expanding Australian stories on stage? Do you have a connection to the area?

Goldele – Honestly what attracted us initially was the Hills Shire’s offer of free venue hire. But then we did some research and realized there is little to no professional theater happening in the Hills Shire, other than the wonderful Sport or Jove during the summer.

Joy – Is there a big theatre community in the Hills district?

Goldele – The council told us that there are many avid theatre-goers in the area but they have to travel to the city to see professional theatre.

There are a number of very active community theatre groups that are well attended by the community

Joy – Richard White’s commented that there is no “real” Australia waiting to be uncovered. A national identity as an invention seems more apt today than ever before. Is the green and gold of Australia’s former identity past its use by date, or can we still find meaning in more traditional national ideas?

Goldele – I think the concept of an “Australian identity” is a constantly shifting one. I think for many white Australians the idea that we could be a globalized nation, from a variety of backgrounds, is confronting, even if it is “government policy” to promote a multi-cultural society. It’s an ongoing conversation we have with ourselves, “who are we”. I don’t think we actually know. Colonized, “westernized” Australia is a relativity young nation, we are teenagers still defining ourselves in relation to the adult nations around us, and that includes the First Nation peoples of our own country.

Joy – How is the Rogues commitment to making theatre that moves, any projects lined up?

Goldele – We have Boy Out of The Country that is making its Sydney premier at the Pioneer Festival. We have an exciting new musical that we are collaborating with a UK company on, it will have its Australian premier next May. We also have a children’s work that is in development. SO yes lots happening!

Joy – What do you to relax when not knee-deep in theatre projects?

Goldele – I do a fair bit of walking on the beach and in parks. I like to get to a yoga class when I have time and of course hanging out with my friends and family.

Thanks so much to Goldele for taking the time out to fill us in on all of the exciting details of the Company of Rogues’ latest project, for more information on the festival see:


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