Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic has moved on from Sydney and is now in Melbourne, before hitting Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide, Brisbane and Toowoomba. It has been a grueling tour for the guys, they toured around New Zealand for almost a month before coming to Sydney, after a massive response from the Kiwis in 2015.

Giles Taylor ‘plays’ Freddie Mercury in this Queen tribute band, and he never once strays from character. With the exception of being a bit heavier set than Mercury, Taylor rocks it old-style and has Mercury’s mannerisms down pat. The audience was a little slow to warm up, but after about a half a dozen songs started to thaw out a bit and get into the spirit of it.

Mercury (Taylor) had about six costume changes each more flamboyant than the previous, though one black leather plus sunglasses combo had him looking like one of the Village People – a wardrobe malfunction of the glammest kind!

The band featured Australian Richie Baker as Brian May on guitar, and another Aussie Roger Taylor on drums. South African (and super spunk) Steven Dennett played bass guitar as John Deacon. The guys were all terrific and super pumped.

It was a tight foursome and by the end of the night we were on our feet screaming for more. The show was fast and hard and Giles Taylor impressed not only with fantastic vocals but also played a mean piano.

Not just for die-hard Queen fans, It’s a Kinda Magic is a great night out, keep an eye on their site for tour dates: http://www.queenitsakindamagic.com/preview-its-a-kinda-magic/    

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