Reclamation, presented by Artspace and Sydney Festival, is the first solo exhibition in Australian by Taloi Havini. Themes of the work centre on resistance and self-determination and she speaks through geographis and cultural specificity of the history of the country of her ancestors in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville from Papua New Guinea.

The exhibition includes a large scale installation video of the history of the region featuring the local oppostion to the copper mining. The local people feel the connection to the land as if it was their skin, yet the sensitivity to the indiginous culture was non-existant, given the filthy lucre that the mines were to bring in.

Havini’s work was created with her family from Buka Island and is a continuing study that examines the legacy of Australia’s sometimes turbulent relationship with our island neighbours, the aquisition of resources being one of the central issues.

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