Joy – How long have you been writing for? Have you always wanted to write?

Sophia -I grew up an only child so I spent a lot of time imagining worlds on my own, although I didn’t really have the confidence to share it with anyone else. I would climb my favourite tree in our backyard and write terrible poems on tiny scraps of paper that I would then bury in the garden so no one could read them. I actually later did creative writing at uni but I was shocking! It wasn’t until I found after school drama classes that I came into my own and started to find my voice. I wrote my first play in my first year of drama school back in 2013 and something really clicked for me. It was the first time I got excited about what writing could be and that it might the way to express myself.

Joy – Are you a sci-fi nut yourself?

Sophia -Absolutely! Aliens is by far my favourite film and I think a part of me wrote this play just so I could talk about it! Sci-fi is such an exciting genre and I’d love to see more of it on stage. It offers so much possibility in terms of form, and allows us to imagine a future where the things we hope for humanity are already possible. It also has a lot to do with nostalgia in a weird way, looking back while looking forward.

Joy – It is sad that there are so few female role models in the sci-fi and action genres (I was a massive Sara Connor fan) who are other fictional female leads that you admire?

Sophia – I agree. I love the fact that the character of Ripley was originally written to be played by a man, then Sigourney Weaver stepped into the role and they didn’t change a thing in the script. Genius. My all time favourite female leads are Xena the Warrior Princess, Jodie Foster in Contact, and the Charmed sisters. Also even though she’s not fictional the Immaculate Collection era of Madonna. She may as well have been a made up character because she was like a superhero to me.

Joy – omg – I love the Immaculate Collection! Strike a Pose.

Which writers inspired you to write?

Sophia – I’m especially excited by solo female writer/performers at the moment. Artists like Nicola Gunn, Emma Hall and Emily Goddard. It’s so inspiring seeing them hold the stage and keep you engaged with just their words and presence. I’ve also been really inspired by my recent graduating class of the Masters of Writing for Performance at VCA. Working alongside a room of writers all year, sharing newly budding work and bravely crafting it in front of everyone has been such a fulfilling and encouraging experience and I’m so grateful for all of them.

Joy – What is next for you?

Sophia -I’m gearing up to perform Gravity Guts in Adelaide Fringe early next year then I have my sights on doing some professional development in Europe before returning to Adelaide to work on the first professional staging of one of my plays ‘Limit’ with State Theatre South Australia in October. It’s going to be a massive year so I’m hoping to stay healthy and rested so I can take the time to enjoy it all.

Thanks so much to Sophia for taking the time out to ‘chat’, and best wishes for Adelaide Fringe!

The Pioneer Play Festival is on this weekend, for more information and tickets see:

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