Belinda Davids and the band are now on their way to New Zealand and then overseas to continue ‘The Greatest Love of All’ tour, which concluded in Australia last weekend. Davids gave a knock out performance here in Sydney at the Sate Theatre with the best of Whitney with a glittery tribute to the superstar.

The show featured the monster hits that everyone knows:  ‘The Greatest Love of All’, ‘I Want To Dance’, ‘I Have Nothing’ (written by Canadian producer David Foster) and of course her encore was ‘I Will Always Love You’. The downside was some of the other music from the Houston back-catalogue only really did it for the hard-core Whitney fans, of whom there was a good smattering of in the audience. Sill, Belinda Davids is a fantastic performer and she brings her inner diva to the show and does brilliant renditions of the classic hits.

About five different costume changes saw a plethora of glitter, at least half the outfits were blinding – fabulous, she takes a ‘more is more’ approach to the sequins. The outfits were recreations of famous Whitney Houston dresses from big concerts of the eighties. I thought the dresses could be updated for a new millennium approach and rather than ape Whitney’s old classics, be made to take in Davids’ figure and nod to the past without simply copying it.

Music and lighting were fabulous and back-up dancers provided a fun distraction on some of the more up-tempo numbers, the guys eye-popping acrobatic performances were impressive. Over all, a great show, when Belinda Davids walks through the audience at one point people got just as excited as if Whitney was really there!

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