The Anywhere Festival currently on in Parramatta is aimed at bringing arts to the people, particularly theatre, but with a promise that you’ll be anywhere but a theatre, and in the ‘nooks and crannies of Parramatta’.

thebuzzfromsydney caught up with Sage Godrei to learn more about her and her play Burning Angel, an absurd sci-fi love story.

Joy: What inspired you to write ‘Burning Angel’? Is this the first play that you’ve written?

Sage:With so much talk about possible changes to the “Big Bang Theory” and scientists getting together to discuss issues about extra-terrestrial contact and even the Pope stating publically that the Catholic Church would Babtize aliens if they came to Earth. I felt compelled to write an artistic piece about this topic as it is usually taboo. It’s my second play, my first play was “Why Am I a Green Fairy in My Dreams” – I think theatre is the perfect forum to raise thought-provoking topics we don’t fully understand.

Joy: Writing or acting or both, do you have a preference?

Sage: I’d have to say I’m an actor predominantly, I’ve done the most training in that. However writing brings much joy too, I see the two as going hand in hand. As they say necessity is the mother of all invention and well sometimes if you want to play a lead and only get cast in small roles, then you have to write yourself in.

Joy: The ‘Burning Angel’ covers a lot of ground for such a short play, any thoughts about developing this into a feature length production?

Sage:. Burning Angel runs for approximately 50mins. I can see it having scope to be extended maybe for another 30 mins. I’d love to add to it and have it re-mounted on a main stage like Darlinghurst Theatre or New York’s Dixon Place.

Joy: If you could work with any actor, alive or dead, who would your dream actor to work with be?

Sage: I’d have to say Marlon Brando, he is so in touch with his senses and emotions although he is battling with himself on the inside about certain issues. He is the divine paradox, for me, personified – I’d love to suspend disbelief with him.

Joy: What is next for you? Any projects lined up?

Sage: Next up I’m working on a health and fitness film encouraging people to get into pilates and also working on a ‘send-up’ video clip playing Beyonce – which is a total compliment. For my own productions, through On the Cusp Productions, a short doco on the Lane Cove National Park Bush Care volunteer program and more writing.


Thank-you Sage, for taking time out for a chat, the Anywhere Festival is on until the 17 May, and Burning Angel will be on again Wednesday, 13 May and Thursday 14 May at 9:00pm in the Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts, 9 Albert Street,North Parramatta.

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