Based on the play by Beaumarchais, this is a very funny adaptation by Charles Moray with the always entertaining Ted Crosby playing the lead of Figaro. Crosby is getting a lot of airtime so to speak at the moment and rightly so, his comic chops and timing are perfect for this kind of comedy. The play is loaded with humour and the audience are very much in on the jokes that come out at fast speed.

Directed by Shane Bates, Figaro is set on the eve of Figaro and Suzanne’s wedding and charts the machinations in the home of Count Almaviva, who seems just as likely as not to withdraw his permission for the young couple to wed. A clever and sumptuous set by Owen Gimblett made several effective transformations from inside the Chateau of the Count and Countess to the nearby garden, where an elaborate farce was staged to reveal the Count’s duplicitous ways.

Crosby was joined by a fantastic ensemble cast, this is quite possibly one of the best productions that the Genesian Theatre has staged this year – Paul Murton and Molly Haddon as the Count and Countess were notable standouts along with the wickedly funny Yasmin Arkinstall as Suzanne.

Don’t miss this deliciously amusing show, it is on until 14 October, for more information and tickets see:

Featuring: Ted Crosby, Yasmin Arkinstall, Paul Murton, Molly Haddon, Melanie Robinson, Douglas Rumble, Tim Murphy, Edric Hong, Rod Stewart, Constance Khoo and Matthew Grasso.

Creative/Tech Team: Shane Bates (director), Sandra Bass (assistant director), Owen Gimblett (set design), Susan Carveth (costume design), Michael Schell (lighting & sound design), Garry Bates & members of company (set constructon), Tracey Lucan, Denise Costello, Kitty Allen, Sandra Bass, Marianne Peters (costume assistants), Rebeka Knight Hair (wigs), Peter Henson (dressing gown), Timothy Bennett, Tom Massey (audition assistants), Ted Crosby & Tom Massey (photography), Matrick Maggee & Tom Massey (graphic design), Shane Bates (ticketing), Debbie Smith (transport) and hunter Douglas (acknowledgements).


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