Foreign Women features the cabaret stylings of Nicola Kuiper and Sandy Whittem telling stories of their respective grandmothers – who immigrated to Australia from Poland and Canada. The women dance and sing through several fun numbers written and performed by Josh Cake.

Presented by the K.C. Company, the trio have audiences laughing as they recreate Irena and Dorothy’s very eventful lives as young women about to embark on new lives in Australia. Irina left Poland and Dorothy left a very cold Saskatchewan, Canada post war and eventually raised families in their new homeland. With songs like Cabbage Blues, you know it is a very light-hearted approach, only becoming more serious towards the end. Sassy and energetic, Kuiper and Whittem’s high spirits are infectious.

The whole show is a testament to what can be achieved with not much more than a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of guts (the girls do all their dress changes on stage), the show will be polished to near perfection by the time it hits Melbourne’s Butterfly Club from Sept 24. The Sydney show was on at the Blood Moon Theatre Sept 1.


Featuring: Josh Cake, Nicola Kuiper and Sandy Whittem.

This Month in Sydney

15 Nov - 28 Nov
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Cine Latino, Australia’s largest festival of Latin American cinema, is thrilled to return for its second year with screenings at Palace Cinemas across November 2018.

Screening in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth Cine Latino will showcase the best films from Central and South America. Beginning in Mexico, this year’s Cine Latino Film Festival features films from across the region, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Paraguay.

Opens with Alfonso Cuaron’s (Gravity, Children of Men) latest film, ROMA, on 15 November, Palace Norton Street.

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