‘Love is the joke that everyone can enjoy’ says playwright, John O’Donovan.

On the night of Halloween, in a small town in the west of Ireland, Mikey and Casey are hiding out on a rooftop, waiting for the authorities to stop circling the house. They are both not only on the brink of escaping a crime, but also at the precipice of where to take their lives next. As they wait, they discover a little more about each other, their pasts, their fears, and their desires. If We Got Some More Cocaine…, is an unexpected love story proving that the course of true love definitely doesn’t run smooth for these two young men – however addictive, thrilling and needed it is for them both.

This is the first full length play by John O’Donovan – on the writing of this play he mentions in an interview in Culture, ‘I thought a lot about love. About how it can happen out of the blue, about how it can change everything when it does. How it can give direction when you feel lost. How it can make you stronger, more generous – far, far more than you are on your own. That it’s the greatest transformative force. That it makes your past into just a thing that used to be. That it makes your trauma, your identity, your income only a few minor details. Love takes your present and your future and makes it into one optimistic, rolling now. Lifts you up onto the roof, says – we are all in the gutter, but sure, the stars are here as well.’

Mikey and Casey are outsiders. Mikey who has grown up and stayed in his home town – facing the barriers he comes up against and fighting every step of the way – continuously proving his own self worth. Casey is new to this town, learning to adapt, and for the most part avoiding conflict – very much aware that his true identity isn’t entirely acceptable to those closest to him and exposing his absolute truth, could be dangerous. They are in love with each other – though how open they can be about their love, still depends on how it factors in on their families and societal expectations – are they willing to jump? Actors Eddie Orton and Elijah Williams work off each other with heightened connection, play, humour, unpredictability and vulnerability. The script is naturalistic, however at times the language surprised with its beautifully poetic moments, and the actors painted these moments vividly. Directed with simplicity and naturalism by Warwick Doddrell – allowed the playwright and performers to surface this story with an earnest and passionate reveal.

This is the Australian premiere of If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You and debut production of Green Door Theatre Company. Raw, funny, and thought provoking. A must see at KXT.

Highly recommended.

If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You is on until 23 February at KXT

For more information see: http://www.kingsxtheatre.com/cocaine

Featuring: Elijah Williams and Eddie Orton

Creative/Tech Team: John O’Donovan (writer), Warwick Doddrell (director), Jeremy Allen (set and graphic design), Kelsey Lee  (lighting design), Melanie Herbert (sound design), Stephanie Howe (costume design),  Amanda Stephens Lee (voice and dialect coach), Gigi Cook (stage manager), Produced by Leila Enright and Presented by Green Door Theatre Co



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