It is a welcomed relief and inspiration to see theatre that is unpretentiously highly intelligent, topical, raw and totally alive.

Betty Grumble’s one woman show – Love and Anger – is next level live theatre.

Once you see this, everything else will feel beige in comparison.

Betty is angry at abuse of power, violence against women, capitalism’s raping of the world, corporate greed and the brainwashing of society to believe money and things are what define us. Throughout the show Betty returns to her current read of The Scum Manifesto – written by Valerie Solanas – a feminist who also attempted murder on Andy Warhol. Solanas’s book was published in 1967, and her belief was to somehow rid men from existence. Betty recites some passages from the Manifesto that deeply resonate today – however – Betty does assure her audience that she loves men, some of the best people she knows are men. Though, obviously, mistakes keep happening in society today (violence against women) and really, it is time for change.

Betty rages against female conformism – the dimming down of the powerful feminine. Her portrayal of women as extreme painted bodies using themselves to fit perhaps into boxed representations of what society believes women should be. The inner rage overwhelms Grumble and using her divine feminine expression of voice, presence, sex, wit, poetry and incredible physicality – Grumble unapologetically takes her audience deep into the core of powerful feminine heart. Through invitation the audience is guided to another world (less a room, and more a womb as Betty suggests) that we the audience will thankfully never forget and hopefully remind that we are all more than surface, material, societal expectations – and something far more alive and wild. Betty’s embodiment on stage is an all encompassing exchange – leaving the audience awake, challenged, elated, and definitely (hopefully) changed. One of the most exciting pieces of theatre I have had the opportunity to see on the Sydney stages. Betty Grumble is fierce, funny, connected to her audience and a total powerhouse.

Must see.

Love and Anger is on until 26 January at Griffin Theatre Co

And accessible performance on 27 January 107 Projects, Redfern

For more information and tickets see:

Creative/Tech Team: Betty Grumble (writer and performer), Emma Maye Gibson (set, costume, and sound design)

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