Joy – There are some great actors attached to this project – that must have been gratifying that your work is so well-regarded – how did the cast impress you?

James – I’m blessed to have such a talented cast on Omar and Dawn. Seeing them in rehearsal, making these characters come to life, has been so inspiring. They are doing the script so much justice. Gratifying truly is an understatement.

Joy - What writers have influenced you in your writing life?

James – I think Christos Tsiolkas is an absolute genius of the written word. Raw and fierce. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Donna Abella, who I also feel the same about. I’ve worked with Donna on my play Miriam. She is insightful, strong minded and so clever. both are amazing to me.

Joy - Is it a blast to work with Dino again? 

James – Yes! Dino is a visionary. He is fierce in his direction and he takes risks. This is why he is a master in his field. He allows my scripts, to come to life and is nothing but magic. He understands my work so clearly and precisely. I pity those who don’t see his work.

 Dino and Leila, my producer (GreenDoor Theatre) I believe, are going to lead this industry, breaking through barriers with the work they have and will continue to create.

Joy – Sydney’s homeless problem is never ending – how do you think the issue can be helped? 

James – The issue, I believe, however complex it is, stems from their background. The ‘falling through the cracks’ problem that the homeless have dealt with. It’s tragic, and seeking help, unfortunately, tends to come last for these individuals. This play shines a light on a sector of my community, who are homeless, who are never spoken about, because of a myriad of issues, but nonetheless, must be helped.

Joy – What is next for you?

James – Working on some exciting new work and stories! Stay tuned.

Thanks to so much to James for this interview and book early for Omar and Dawn – it is bound to sell out!  On at the Kings Cross Theatre from next week:

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