A fiercely honest and stylised piece of work, Playlist was born of five young women in Western Sydney and allows a refreshingly vocal and diverse look at womanhood and pop-culture. It’s filled with conversational discussion of the truths, pressures and uniqueness of the female experience from a place of honesty. They touch on what celebrity icons mean for them, the triumphs and downfalls of representation of bodies like their own in music videos, and the way that pop stars have affected each one of their lives. It has every emotion on full display, including rage. These ladies allow themselves to scream, swear and dominate the space that they’ve made for themselves. It’s an hour-long act of self-love and validation.

 Each performer is distinctly true to themself for the duration of the show, sharing with us not only the good and acceptable, but the awkward, the angry and the misfit. They show themselves to us expecting the same forgivingness that we allow male characters. It became apparent throughout that they weren’t asking for validation but showcasing the way that they validate themselves, finding their own superstar moments without asking for permission. There was assuredness in each dance, song and strutting footstep.

 There’s an electric energy to this show that radiates not only from the calibre of the performances, but also from the design and direction. Each aspect is meticulously symmetrical, as the set pieces move in perfect time with the bodies that walk around the stage. They move in straight lines, on a grid for much of the movement with unvarying directness. A feeling created of distinct indomitability, or fearlessness is created.

 With all it’s youth, passion and electricity, Playlist is not to miss.

 Director: Karen Therese

Featuring: Ebube Uba, May Tran, Tasha O’Brien, Mara Knezevic and Neda Taha.


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