Susie Dee chats to thebuzzfromsydney about directing the bold and provocative Patricia Cornelius play Shit. The play appeared in the Sydney Fringe Festival last year and will enjoy a short run at the Seymour Centre from 18 – 29 July.


Joy –  This has turned out to be a banner month for Patricia Cornelius’ plays, as Slut has been getting rave reviews recently at the Old Fitz – what drew you to her work?

Susie – Her language, her guts, her poetics.

I have had a long relationship with Patricia- 30 years now- we worked as actors on one of her first plays Lilly and May.

Joy – Have you become any better at saying No? I read an older interview with you and you were stretched pretty thin, how is your balance these days?

Susie – Ha! Getting better at saying NO-yes! But still stretched thin- presently working on 4 great projects all back to back- well one might say overlapping…ahhh the life of a Freelance- come November- time to breathe …

Joy – I missed Shit the last time it appeared, so am looking forward to it – tell me why it will appeal to me? (I’m assuming as a sometimes angry woman it will appeal!)

Susie – Yes- isn’t it refreshing- to see angry women on stage! To hear different stories, to hear women be foul, have a voice and be f****ing funny, bold and brutal!

Shit challenges the audience- and the notion of feminity- the characters in Shit have no bullshit and fight all the way. Shit is a vital piece of theatre…… does that appeal to you?

Joy – Bold and no bullshit…absolutely!

Joy – If you could pick any actor from any era, dead or alive, who it would be your dream to direct, who would you pick?

Susie – I love actors that are rigourous, open, passionate are not afraid to put themselves out there- physically, emotionally. I don’t put actors on pedestals.

At times I wish I were back in the era of Artaud, Growtowski, Kantor- I do love the European rigour and aesthetic

Joy – What is next for you after Shit?

Susie – Presently directing a play by Louris Van der Geer-Looking Glass- it opens in 2 weeks @ 45 downstairs theatre- then directing Patricia’s new play-Big Heart at Theatre Works which opens in September and in October I perform/direct in an intimate work set in a Caravan- about a mother and daughter called Caravan (this work has 4 writers attached- Patricia being one of them).

It all sounds great and also like Susie has some fantastic projects for Sydney theatre-lovers to watch out for! I will be looking forward to seeing Shit at the Seymour Centre next week. For more information and tickets see:



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