Misogyny comes in all shapes and forms, The Maids director Carissa Licciardello seeks to expose the misogyny that exists within the female mind that turns women into both performers and observers with this production. The play has had many different interpretations over the years, this Glitterbomb production takes a fantastic twist with the characters, examining how women are constantly controlling their image.

On opening, the nightly ritual of attending to the mistress is going as per normal, with Alexandra Aldridge as Claire (as madame) and Solange (Amanda McGregor) prostrating herself between bouts of anger. Aldridge is fantastically hammy as she poses elaborately, looking very ready for her close up, thank-you Mr DeMille. Claire’s take on Madame is even funnier when you eventually see the affectations of the madame of the house.

Amanda McGregor as Solange is a powerhouse. Solange buries herself in the role-play and her dedication is verging on deranged, with brilliant attention to the detail of the dialogue. Skyler Ellis as Madame is also a wonder. The histrionics of his Madame are interspersed with deadpan asides that are gold, as unexpected as he was as the archetype of feminine beauty. Accompanying music felt suitably noir, evoking another era beautifully. An amazing production, only marred by a few long scenes at the conclusion that felt too drawn out.

The Maids is presented by Glitterbomb in association with 25A Belvoir and is on until 15 September, for more information and tickets see: https://belvoir.com.au/25a/the-maids/

Featuring: Amanda McGregor, Alexandra Aldrich and Skyler Elllis.

Creative/Tech Team: Jean Genet (writer), Bernard Frechtmann (translator), Carissa Licciardello (director), Nick Fry (set & costume design), Martin Kinnane (lighting design), Ben Pierpoint (composer & sound design), Bronte Schuftan (stage manager) and Kaytlin Petrarca (producer).

This Month in Sydney

25 - 28 July 2019
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