This David Ives play is a fascinating story of domination and the evolving power play that ensues after Thomas and Vanda meet, when she auditions for him.

Thomas Novachek (Zach Selmes) is turning the story of the fictional Vanda into a play, which turns into a provocative take on power and sex and how these can develop hand in hand and turn into a fetish. When a young actor (conveniently named Vanda) comes to audition for him after a frustrating day of fruitlessly searching for his Vanda, he ends up being pleasantly surprised by the late arrival of Vanda (Caitlin Williams), who is dressed to kill, in a black lace and stockings combination that is designed to titillate.  

The two play a seductive game of cat and mouse as she professes ignorance of the story, it turns out she is well-acquainted with the material, and enjoys running dialogue with Thomas. 

An exquisite, alluring production directed by Emma Burns, this production is performed with detail and actors Caitlin Williams and Zach Selmes provide just enough heat to guarantee that Thomas and Vanda’s erotic journey is plausible.   

Williams as Vanda moves with ease between Vanda the actress and Vanda the character, pausing often to work out the kinks of the story, including blocking. Selmes is just as fluid in his transitions, and the two enjoy great chemistry. The two kept the pace easily and didn’t flag which was no mean feat as it was ninety minutes straight through.

Highly recommended, Venus in Fur in on until 13 April at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern, for more information see:

Director: Emma Burns

Featuring: Caitlin Williams and Zach Selmes.

Above image by Andrea Mudbidri

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This Month in Sydney

06 - 30 June 2019
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This year’s Pride theme is “RIOT 69” One moment in time. Remembering the Riots of 1969 at the Stonewall Inn Greenwich Village. The Heroes that lead the way and fought for our rights 50 years ago. The beginning of the modern gay movement and the inspiration to the 78 er’s who paved the way in Sydney. The LGBTQI community are all under one fabulous Umbrella and together we continue to create change and acceptance. Homosexuality is no longer illegal in Australia, Marriage Equality has been achieved and our community has shown that the Riots of 1969 will always be remembered as the beginning of the Pride Movement.

Sydney Pride Festival is a grass roots festival and a time to pass on the history and raise awareness and education of our LGBTQI Charities. This year we will be putting a focus on the strength of our Community and remember our pursuit for acceptance and total Equality for all our LGBTQI brothers and sisters. Sydney Pride can reach out and help those struggling with Sexual identity, bullying, drugs or just feeling that life is too hard to stand strong and ask for help. Standing Together in Solidarity. This is Pride!