A fantastic parody of corporate life, Ms Stockwood’s (Madeleine Vizard) grovelling staff are intent on currying favour with her in a bloody win at all costs endeavour. The masochistic order of the day is upset by the discovery of a rogue pubic hair in the boardroom, the tiny offender sets off an unlikely chain of events that plunge them all into various stages of hell.

After a seemingly normal day goes awry, the team become in stages: desperate, hysterical and ultimately subdued – some more than others. It is the hapless new kid on the block Henry (Adam Sollis) who ultimately uncovers the truth. Henry’s start with the business is tenuous at best as initiation for newcomers is brutal, that he remains standing at the end is in itself a minor miracle.

This production is very slick and stylized, to such an extent that the final scenes are just a bit jarring. Order is not exactly restored but Stockwood’s blind faith in her abilities is as impressive as it is gruesome. Performances across the board were excellent -  especially hilarious as upper and middle management are pitted against each other by their masochistic boss Stockwood.

While questions arise about corruption in the workplace and the ethics involved (or not), what absorbs the audience in Wrath are the ludicrous scenarios and the characters commitment to their respective positions. The traditional shedding of armour to expose vulnerabilities for greater understanding of one another is not the point here. Here it is very much every man for himself until the last breath is drawn.

A fast paced tour de force, Wrath is written and directed by Liam Maguire, and is highly recommended viewing. Seriously, don’t wait to book tickets. Presented by Jackrabbit Theatre Co, Wrath is on until 22 March, for more information see: http://www.kingsxtheatre.com/wrath

Director: Liam Maguire

Featuring: Madeleine Vizard, Adam Sollis, Jonny Hawkins, Elle Mickel, Amy Hack and Emma Harvie


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